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The Art of Tennis Is the Science of Details

The Art of Tennis Is the Science of Details

The Art of Tennis Is the Science of DetailsThe Art of Tennis Is the Science of Details

About Us

Sacher Tennis provides the highest quality tennis instruction to people of all ages from the novice to the most seasoned pro. Based in Glen Head, NY, we provide lessons, clinics, and tennis-specific conditioning sessions in a fun, interactive, and vibrant setting. 


Meet Jason Sacher

Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his students each day on the court. His credentials include:

  • Former Division 1 Head Tennis Coach at Marist College and Cornell University
  • Coach of world-ranked junior and professional players
  • Former top 100 USTA nationally-ranked junior player
  • Top 10 USTA  Eastern Sectional junior throughout multiple age groups
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from NYU
  • Played #1 Singles and #1 Doubles at NYU

Based on his experiences as a player and coach and his reflections upon his learning from many of the top coaching minds in the world, Jason developed his cutting-edge coaching model, the Sacher Tennis Method.


The Sacher Tennis Method

The Sacher Tennis Method is the cutting-edge process applying the latest developments in stroke technique, movement, body awareness, and control. The Method is GUARANTEED to help you add power, consistency, and fluidity to your game! You will learn the following elements to help you play beyond your limits:

  • how to position, hit and move more efficiently
  • how to perform strokes and movements using less energy and time causing less stress on your body
  • how to utilize your strengths against your opponents weaknesses
  • how to win at the mental game of tennis by applying data-driven, best responses to every scenario you'll encounter on court

The method is predicated on developing FLOW, a powerful mind-body connection promoting peak performance. When playing tennis, peak performance means: 

  • your muscles are relaxed
  • posture is properly aligned
  •  synchronized movements that  harness natural body weight

Once in the FLOW you can focus on the non-physical aspects of tennis, maximizing your full potential and revolutionizing your game.


Why the Method Works

The Sacher Tennis Method is a tried, tested, and proven model of success for individuals ranging from beginners to touring professionals. We customize a specific plan for each of our students including:

  • on-court evaluation 
  • identification of goals and objectives
  • development of a customized plan of action 
  • execution of plan using The Sacher Tennis Method 
  • tracking progress, analyzation, and re-evaluation of goals and objectives

Through this process students learn groundbreaking techniques, movements, and strategies in simple and coherent ways. We have a track record of instilling confidence and fostering positive changes that help our players become better than they ever thought they could be!